Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Get off the deck!!!

Some writing from earlier this year.... We have had a family of robins build a residence in the Y of one of our gutters. Last week, three baby robins began their fledgling life into our big backyard. Now, our yard would be a perfect place for these little ones to learn about the world if were not for Allie, the demon cat, and Hank, the insanely jealous dog. So, as Hank was out to do his business later that day, Papa and Mama Robin were not happy. They were chirping out warnings, and dive bombing poor Hank. The diving commenced any time he stepped more than 2 feet of the deck. Hank would run after his ball. Papa and Mama Robin would swoop straight for him. Eventually, Hank did not even want to get off the deck. He would stand there, right on the edge, waiting and watching but too afraid to take the chance and move. The birds know Hank is powerful. They know that he can destroy them and their young. They are attacking because he has the potential to ruin them. Once Hank realizes he is bigger and stronger, those baby birds are in trouble.  Mom and Dad Robin are just trying to keep it from happening.

 The thing is -  This happens in my life too. I am like Hank waiting to step off the deck into the big thing God is asking me to do. But the moment I take a step in that direction, Satan starts fighting. He sends his bombs in the form of temptation and doubt and unbelief, and I run back to the safety of the deck. But I have the very Spirit of Christ living in me. I have been made more than a conqueror (Romans 8:23). Satan's blows are nothing more than hot air. It is posturing. He knows through Christ I can defeat him and fulfill my purpose.  The minute I step off the deck into what God has planned is the very moment I receive the strength I need to do God's will.

 A lot of things are going on over here. Not bad things by any means. But changes. The Lord is stirring some things up. I am not sure what is going on in your life. But I do know...over is time to get off the deck.

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