Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a weekend....

Friday was my birthday, and my least expected and worse gift was a very sick little girl. Sweet Pea woke up that day coughing up junk and shortly into the morning running 102 fever.

She spent most of the day on the couch looking like this, and coughing up phlegm.

Saturday, she woke up running 103 and more phlegm. So we made a run into the dr. and left with out answers.

Sunday morning, after throwing up some phlegm and her ibuprofen, she seemed better. Her fever was lower (woke up with 102), and she even wanted to help me with some of the laundry. By lunchtime, the tables had turned. Her fever had climbed to 104.5, and now called for a trip to ER.

Six hours and two shots of antibiotics later, we left with a script for more antibiotics and a diagnosis of pneumonia.


No wonder she was so sick.

Monday morning she woke fever free and much better.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Fall Fun/Halloween....

Last week was busy over here.
First there was decorating pumpkins for AWANAs



Then we decorated pumpkins for our front porch.

AJ did not want me to see his pumpkin until it was finished.

Sweet Pea was not happy because she had paint on her fingers.

Finished pumpkins

And Of Course....there was Halloween.


AJ the black suited spiderman. Don't you dare call him Venom.

TA the Snake-eyes from GI Joe.

And Sweet Pea as Wonder Woman.

They were all posing.

And it was a great week.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The big loss...

Today, TA lost his first tooth.

It had been loose for a while, but not loose enough to come out. He decided to use his teeth to take apart a few legos. Well, his tooth could not take the pressure, and caved. It hurt him. There was blood involved.

He went as white as a sheet. He said his stomach was upset, and was laying on the floor.

He did perk up some when he heard that lost teeth equals money.


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