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Guess what happens....

when the Man parks in the driveway instead of the garage, and I back out of the garage with out looking.

Yep..that is right. A car loses a mirror...ugh...

Look what flew over my house...

pretty cool eh?

I thought it was...and so did the kids..

Blue First Testing

The Boys had their belt testing again this weekend, and they are now Blue First belts. This means that they are halfway to black belt. We started Taekwondo a year ago at the end of the month and they have learned so much.

working on some moves for the Masters

TA getting ready to break his board.

AJ just after breaking his board. (I never am able to get a good pic of this.)

The man also tested, but I had a scheduling conflict and arrived just in time to see him break his board. Unfortunately, I did not have time to get my camera out. He is now a Green First.

Before and After....

We finally had new floors put down in the house. The old floor were at least 20 years old so it was time. The change is amazing.

Kitchen - old

Kitchen - New

dining area - old

dining area - new

Living Room - Old...don't mind the kids...

Living Room - New



Quite a change...and I am loving it.

Samson..not so much...He keeps slipping on it.

We kept carpet in the bedrooms. They turned up very well too.

Sweet Pea's - New

Sweet Pea's - Old

The boys' - Old

The boys - New

Old Vinyl

New Vinyl in the Bathroom

Happy Birthday, America!!!