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Yet another Testing...

for Taekwondo that is. And the boys did great. All three of them tested and passed. AJ and TA are now green first belts, and the man has yellow first.

I tried to get pictures from a different angle. but still...they are not that great. Oh well.

The year of the surgeries!!

Yes that is surgeries....plural...more than one.

1. Sweet Pea had tubes put in for the second time at the end of January.

2. and 3. TA had a four year old tube removed at the beginning of February, and, on the same day, AJ had his tonsils and adenoids removed. Yes, you read correctly, on the same day. TA's surgery really was a breeze. After the gas wore off and he woke up, he was fine. No pain, not even crabby. AJ was a tad bit different story. Of course, AJ's surgery was much more involved. Bottom line was he hurt. It took him a good 10 days or so to even feel better. He seemed to live on pudding, Lipton cup of soup packets, and ice cream. There were two things that really stuck out from this surgery day: 1. The picture of my two boys laying together in a hospital bed. Really it was sweet. 2. AJ's words to me in the recovery room. "Mom, My throat hurts." I replied, "Yah hon, they took your tonsils out." He says back, "I don&#…


I missed my anniversary. As of Feb. 22 I have officially been blogging for a year. I can't believe it. Honestly, it feels good to have a record of the last year of our lives.