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Its 51 degrees here...

and the boys have been out playing. I am so ready for spring. It has been cold. Not really cold but cold and rainy and snowy and icy all at the same time. I guess it has really just been winter, and I want spring. So today, the sun was out....the clouds were gone..and out they went. They played and came in cold. But energy has been used, and hopefully Spring will be here soon. It is the last day of February after all. I has to come sooner or later...


Last night a group of ladies from the homeschool group went out. We have food, we talked, we laughed and basically refreshed ourselves with no children. Yay! It really was a good time.

So tell me why has today been awful? The kids were fighting the minute they woke up. Sweet Pea is in the process of a 2 hour tantrum. Okay, maybe an hour, but still. And I just want to hide out somewhere. I thought time away was supposed to rejuvenate you, make you a better mother to your children. LOL.....well we are definately working on patience today.

hmmm....I think she might be quiet. Do I dare go and get her? hmm

It begins

I really don't know what I am doing here. I am more of a blog reader than a writer. I want this to be a way for friends and family to see into our here we go. That is if I think it is interesting enough.