Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Getaway...Part 1

We took a short trip to Branson this weekend. Branson seems to be a favorite vacation spot for our family. All three of my children visited there mere months after they were born. It really is just a family type of place.

We were only there for a weekend and there is just so many hours in a day, but we were still able to do quite a lot.

First, we saw the Noah musical. It was really good. We had decent seats, close enough to see the actors faces. It kept the kiddos entertained. Sweet Pea spent most of the time talking, but it didn't seem to bother the people around us. I could barely hear her, so I am sure they couldn't either.

We spent the next day at Silver Dollar City. We had planned to just buy our tickets at the door before we entered the park. However, we ran into so really nice people with season tickets, and they had guest passes that they were willing to give us. So......our entire family went to silver Dollar City for free. If we would have bought the tickets, it would have cost us $220. You can't beat that.

Another interesting thing happened at Silver Dollar City....

Here are the kiddos getting ready to cross the swinging bridge.

Here they are running to the other side.

But....on the way back, Sweet Pea slipped and fell and scraped her knees. She was bleeding all over the place.

Here is Daddy carrying her back.


We were able to visit first aid.

Overall, we had a very good day. We rode the train and the lost mine water ride.


We played games and had ice cream.

We sat in an old fashioned school house and pet some animals.



It was a good day.

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