Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swimming Lessons Week 1

I signed the kiddos up for swimming lessons this week. They did so well.
This was Sweet Peas first lessons. She was excited, and then scared when she realized that I wasn't going with her.

It helped that her best friend E was there with her. Otherwise there was a good chance that she would not have been able to handle it.

Sweet Pea playing a game the last day.

When it was all said and done she had a great time. Of course she doesn't want to do it again...Oh well.

TA had had lessons before, but he had never done this well.

On the first day they had him floating, and swimming the width of the pool.

By the end of the week, he was swimming the length of it.

AJ was a pretty good swimmer already, but he had a blast.


I have to admit that I am not very comfortable watching my kids in water. They make me nervous. They seem to take risks that, well, that scare me, especially TA. So when at the end of each day of lessons the boys got to spend 10 minutes or so jumping off the diving board, I have to admit that it made me kinda jumpy. But I have to admit they did great.

TA jumping off the diving board.

AJ on the diving board.

They loved it. It just kinda freaked Mommie out.

Even Sweet Pea had the chance to jump in. Thank God it was not off the diving board.

They have another week of lessons scheduled in July. I am sure they will do just as well, probably better.

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