Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Field Trips.... Part 1

We have taken two field trips in the last few months. AJ did a unit on Africa, and we went to the zoo to look at animals from Africa. We saw lions and zebras and giraffes, and all sorts of antelopes. The kids had fun. We took paper and they drew the animals they saw and wrote a little about them if they wanted.
This is the male giraffe. I don't think my kids even come up to his knees. I mean I knew giraffes were tall, but I don't think I realized how tall.

The baby giraffe. He was adorable and huge for a baby..

Here is the lioness.

And the zebras.

This dude is from Asian...but I couldn't post about this field trip without mentioning him. I am not really sure what was up with him, but he thought he was something.

He was standing really close to the edge looking at us just as we were looking at him. It was almost like he came to see our show instead of the other way around.

We had a good time and for February, the weather was perfect!!!

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