Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Last night we had some friends over for a party. Just two other couples and their kids. We threw the children downstairs to eat and play. The adults stayed upstairs to eat and chat. It was a wonderful time. There were no major injuries or fights, which was amazing since all of the kids made it to midnight.

To celebrate we let the kids take pots and pans outside and bang them. I think it was the highlight of the evening. Even the two year old had her own pot.





It was silly. It was fun. It is something they probably will remember for a long time. See the picture with all the pots on their heads. Guess what that meant. Yep. That's right. I had to wash every single one of those pots before they went back into my cupboard.

But it was worth it.


K_Kilzer said...

Now you know New Years germs don't really on those pots would have killed any cooties! Take a walk on the wild side, Holynickel!

holynickel said...

Yah...really I wouldnt have had too much trouble with it...but that husband of mine....he would have freaked out!!!!

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