Sunday, December 07, 2008

O Christmas Tree

This year it was time for a new tree. For the last two years, we had to fix some problem or another with our old one, and that gets old. So this year a new pre-lit tree sits in our living room. We put the tree up at night after we had put the kids to bed. This is not normally how we do things. Normally, we pick an evening, get all of the Christmas stuff out and begin the long process. First you sort the branches, then you set up the tree "trunk", and, by about half way through sorting the tree branches the kids are done. They want to put the ornaments on. It doesn't matter that the tree isn't together yet. Then once the tree is together, on go the lights. All the while little children and asking, "Can we put the ornaments on now?" "When can we put them on, mommy?" and on and on and on it goes. Until....What I wanted to be a sweet family memory becomes one of mommy screaming, "If you ask to put the ornaments on one more time, you will NOT put any on!!!!! Do you hear me?" and then the children are told to go downstairs and we will call them when it is time.

So...this year ...The tree...with lights already attached, the star, the ribbons and the bow, and the tree skirt were all put up....while the children were happily snoozing. AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!

The next morning, Sweet Pea woke up and came running in my room exclaiming...."MOMMY!!!! WE HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!" It was adorable. Almost as good as Christmas morning when the presents arrive.

Then came the decorating. The time they had all been waiting for. The ornaments.


We have a tradition over here. Every year we take the kids and get them their own ornament. These ornaments go in their own special box. The are put up only by the owner, and when the time comes for them to leave the house, these ornaments will go with them for their first Christmas on their own.


These are the last to go up, and the most fun.

Sweet Pea

And let me tell you...this year the process was sooo much smoother. I think the Christmas Tree may have to make a surprise appearance every year.

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