Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kid's Christmas Play 2008

Every year the children at our church put on a play for Christmas. This year was no different.

It started with the preschoolers. This is were Sweet Pea participated.

That's here in the red and white dress. She was giving a teddy bear for Mary and Joseph to pack in their suitcase for baby Jesus.

and of course here she is lifting her dress up for the world to see. Thank goodness it was just the top of her dress.

The preschool program lasts about 20 minutes and then the K-6 graders take over. AJ and TA both had parts. AJ was a camera man for the lead character. The play was ran like a on the spot news brodcast. TA was a rock and roller, and it was rumored that he danced. Danced with a girl, and did a really good job. This was amazing to me. This is the child that wouldn't even walk in front of the Church to sit with a group of kids in his class. This is the kiddo that didn't even want to walk into the last chili supper our church had because there were people in there. And he was gonna dance...in front of the whole church. I just kept saying I will believe it when I see it.


So here we were waiting for their parts....and the play was awesome...

Here's AJ...being the camera man.

and sure enough here is a pic a TA DANCING....in front of the whole church....with a GIRL...and dancing well. I was floored...and just a tad bit proud....okay a ton proud..

more of AJ being the camera man

and here is TA on top of one of the girls shoulders during the finale.

The kids had a blast. We enjoyed watching them, and I was just as proud as could be. Before you think that AJ didn't have much to do, let me tell you that he was given a choice of parts. The camera man was the one he chose. On the way home from the play AJ said, "Mom, I had the best part you know? I didn't have to sing. I didn't have to learn any lines. All I had to do was stand there." And I thought well, he enjoyed himself and that is all that matters.

and lastly, for you view pleasure, here is a small clip of Thomas dancing. The video is not that great. I don't have the steadiest of hands, but you will get the effect. In my defense, it is difficult to keep a camera still when you are laughing.

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