What does it mean....

...when you make your own birthday cake? Last year, a friend and I took a cake decorating class. We had a blast. We got to get out once a week for a month and came home with a beautifully decorated cake...that we got to eat. I mean what more could we want? Well, last year I made the birthday cakes for every family members birthday. Dad's in September, Brother #2 two weeks later. Then in November, Bro. # 1 and I have birthdays 1 week apart so I made a cake for that. The Dad in Law and Sister in Law in February. Then Sweet Peas in March, TA's in April, The Man's a few days after that. AJ's in May. Lots of cakes...but let me tell you...they tasted awesome.

This year when Dad's b-day rolled around I didn't even consider making it. I just didn't really think about it. So we had a store bought one...it was good, but mine are better. Bro. # 2 same thing...but this one was frozen. Bro. #1 bought it, and he didn't know it was frozen...but still, it was. The kids said it was a cake Popsicle if that tells you anything.

So by Bro. #2's birthday and mine of course, I had had it. It was time for one of my cakes...and it was awesome.


I will admit that it gave me some trouble. If you look closely you can see the crumbs in the top. But, boy, was it good....and that is really all that matters.


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