Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thoughts on Thanksgiving know that holiday that is sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas. Every year I have high hopes to make Thanksgiving worthwhile, to establish a tradition or traditions that bring the real focus of the day to my children. Gratitude is the opposite of self-centered-ness. Focusing of blessings is the antidote to discontent. So why is it so hard. Halloween takes planning, especially when you have three children. You have costumes to buy or make, family to go take them too, get togethers to plan or participate in. Christmas is truly the biggest celebration of the year. We spend 4 weeks celebrating advent weekly ..and sometimes daily to hopefully at some point drill the real reason of the season into our children's thick skulls....or maybe our thick skulls. But Thanksgiving...It seems to be lost in the least over here.

Unfortunately, this year was no different. I want Thanksgiving to be a learning tool. A reflection of what is really important to us. And even though it is too me, I want to make it that for my children. I want them to isn't all about them....but the One the gives us all the blessings. I want them to know that the family that gathers together on this day is a blessing, a gift. One that we are not guaranteed of next year. One that others may not have. Most of all I want them to know THE Giver of all these blessing. By writing this I am putting my frustration on paper (so to speak). I am hoping that next year as I look back I will see this post and know this is mine to change. It is my job to make this holiday just as or even more important as the two it is sandwiched between.

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