Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet Pea's 1st Day of Preschool

Sweet Pea is just that, a sweet pea. However, there are times when other adjectives would describe her better. Especially Crying Pea. See she has this problem. She hates to be left in Sunday School, and then spends much of the beginning of the hour crying. If you ask her why she behaves this way, she will tell you that it is scary. Now you must realize that the minute I pick her up she tells me how much fun she had, how much she likes it and how it is not scary. Then I will ask her if she is going to go back next week, and the crying starts over again and she exclaims how scary it is. Girls, go figure.

So last week, I was sick of it. I spent some time coming up with a way to help this situation, and then I had a light bulb moment. PRESCHOOL. See, she really has never consistently been away from me. She is either with me, grandma, or a few of my good friends most of the time. So I signed her up at a preschool just a few minutes from home. She goes three days a week for three hours a day.

I have to say the first day I was terrified. I even told the director her reaction to Sunday School so that they would be prepared to deal with her. I just knew it was not going to be an easy day for her. I gave her plenty of warning. I did not keep it a secret from her and really I don't think she wanted to go.

In the car on the way...I think she looks worried what about you?

In the Parking Lot. I let her take her well loved blanket (gankey). I thought it might help.

When we got in, we met her teacher, found her cubby for her things, and then it was time for me to go. She quickly grabbed my legs. I pointed out how they had a big school calendar just like mommy, they had a kitchen just like hers, and how she was going to read books and sing songs. She looked around, and let go, and I left her there.


I was floored. When I went to pick her up, I could hear her talking to her teacher through the door. She sounded perfectly happy, and she was. They said she had a great day. Of course she did cry. But it was because she didn't want to leave. You see she wanted something from the treasure box, but she didn't have enough stickers. It was her first day you know.

See the green toy, she tried to steal it and cried when I wouldn't let her.

Here was her first craft. Still not happy about no toy.

But the main thing is.....she did well, and hasn't cried going to Sunday School since. She loves it and asks to go everyday.

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