Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Field Trips

We have taken two field trips this year and I just have not had the time to tell you about them. Life gets really busy over here and as much as I want to just make it stop...for some reason I cannot. So we just keep plugging along...but anyway...back to the field trips

1. My father had a day off this last September so we took a trip to the Botanical Gardens. My two brothers went with us and we had a great time. It was overcast so the sun was not beating down on our heads. It was somewhat chilly, but not full coat weather which really made it perfect for a visit.

Here are some pictures.

Just hanging out in and on a big cat.


In a wagon..

I think this bee was lost.

climbing on a alligator

2. A friend of mine and I took our kiddos to the apple farm to do some apple picking, and while we were there we picked up some pumpkins too. It was the perfect day...not to cold...not to hot, just all around good fun.

riding on the wagon

looking for a good one

one of the rare times he actually eats fruit...ugh.


Sweet Pea and her pumpkin. The rule was that if you could carry it back with you, you could get it. There weren't any out there small enough for Sweet Pea, so I did help her.

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