Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lincoln Museum

A few weeks ago we went to the new Lincoln Museum for a short mini vacation. I have to tell you that it was really good. Here are some pics:

Here is all of us standing with the Lincoln family.


There was a children's area that had period toys and dress up and a old time log cabin kitchen. The kids loved it.

Anna playing at the dollhouse that is a replica of Lincoln's house.


Adam and his Lincoln log house.


Anna churning butter....I thought a good friend of mine would appreciate this one..


Thomas and his Lincoln log house.


I really wanted to boys to wear the Confederate and Union soldier costumes and get a picture of them fighting...okay or just standing...but they wouldn't cooperate.


Pretend that picture is here!

Both boys at the Lincoln Log table


1 comment:

Leighann said...

cool, looks like fun... we'll have to try going sometime

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