Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crazy Human!

Midwest living can be somewhat unpredictable, especially when you are talking about the weather. Long, hot days of summer, and endless, frigid winters, snow one day, and 70 degrees the next. The bottom line is you just never know. You don't even know from year to year. You would thing January would mean cold and snow, but honestly we have taken many a trip to the zoo in January.

Last year, it was so warm in March that I switched out our wardrobe. This year Winter hung on until I wondered if warm days would ever come. So this week, we hit a few high 70 degree days and I knew it was time. Time to make the big switch. Well, this wasn't my most productive week, and I just want to take this moment to share what I have learned.

1. Only do ONE repeating ONE room at a time.

2. Make sure all of your laundry is finished before getting clothes out.

3. Do not attempt to clean out children's toys as well as clothes. It will be too much. Trust me...way too much.

4. Do not start on the day you begin that wonderful time of the month.

5. Do only one room at a time!!!!!

6. Make sure the majority of your housework is finished before you begin. It will be a while before you see a nice clean house so make sure you enjoy it for a few moments.

7. Do NOT clean out toys as well as clothes. TOO MUCH.

8. Decide beforehand, if you are going to have a yardsale or just donate to your local Goodwill type store.

9. DO only ONE room at a time!!!!

I think that is all. I may have to update later if I can think of anything more.

Just for the record the mess is gone from our living area. Now I just have to deal with it in the basement.

It never ends.

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