Saturday, April 19, 2008

Crazy Animals?

And no I am not talking about the Children. My mother has decided that the animals around her house are not the brightest. First, there was this young female squirrel building a nest in the neighbors tree. I am not an authority on squirrels, but as far as I know, most squirrels nests around here are way up at the top of the tree. This squirrel's nest was not. It was probably 7-9 feet off the ground, built between the tree trunk and broken branch that was hanging along the trunk. This poor squirrel tried twice to built a nest there. The first time lasted a few days and then she was not seen for a while. Then, she was back building again. She finally gave up on that and has not been seen since.

Then, Mom noticed a mourning dove sitting in one of her hanging flower pots. She didn't think much of it. A few days later my brother brought the pot into the house and there was a single white egg in a flimsy nest in the pot. Sure enough, this pair of mourning doves decided this pot would be the perfect place to rear children. Now this pot is at least 6 feet from my parents front door. My brother is out there practically everyday taking care of or planting flowers. And, the pot is only 4-5 feet off the ground. What were they thinking? Well, the proud parents are still taking their turns sitting on the nest of now 2 eggs waiting for them to hatch. It is really a neat Science lesson for my family and us when we are over there. How often do you get to watch doves hatch babies? How often can you look out your front window and seen momma Birdie sitting on her nest?

She really is quite beautiful sitting there. Hmm, or is it he? Who can tell?

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